The Facts About Ice Dams: Definition, Occurrence and Prevention

The dam is formed when ice and snow freeze to one solid chunk of ice at the gutter. Heat loss in the home begins to melt the ice and snow over the ice dam. The melted ice can’t get from the roof due to the ice dam. The water then will back up under the shingles and then leak into the home resulting in damage to walls, ceilings and flooring.

Just how prevalent are ice dams?

While much less prevalent at Oklahoma as in different areas of the nation, ice dams do happen when the conditions are appropriate. There are 3 factors which result in ice dams: snow, guttering and long term chilly. As soon as we have substantial snow, then it can develop from the gutters and in the event the temperature remains cold long the snow will wind up hard packed ice hockey.

Things to do if an ice dam happen?

The first alternative, if at all possible, would be to have the snow from the roof. This can be dangerous and it isn’t suggested that homeowners get onto the roof to eliminate snow. Second, the ice cube has to be removed. Don’t cut away in the ice. Ice melt products, such as what’s used on sidewalks or driveways, may be placed to a lady’s stocking. The stocking may subsequently be placed in addition to the ice dam to aid with the grinding procedure.

How do ice dams be averted?

To begin with, put in ice and water shield in the border of the roof throughout new roof setup. The substance needs to extend beyond the outside walls of the home at 24″. The snow and ice merchandise is really a waterproofing material that disturbs indefinitely into the roof deck.

Second, adequate insulation is essential. Deficiency of appropriate insulation causes heat reduction. Heat increases and results in the snow to melt down. The snow melts and also since there’s an ice dam in the gutter region that water slides up and to the home.

Thirdly, good attic ventilation turns out to be very important. Without the ideal venting, the heat, moist air that flows from the living spaces under will heat the loft.

The bottom line in regards to ice dams.

Possessing a fantastic roof equipped with snow and ice protect in the eaves, correct ventilation and suitable insulation go a very long way in preventing ice dams. Speedy removal of snow is obviously a plus but also rather hard to do. In case you have some questions regarding your roof and if you might be prone to ice damming, call A-Best Roofing and then we’ll have one of those roof advisors inspect your premises and advise to your probable solutions.